About Us

About Us

Fineline Circuits & Technology Inc. Was founded in 1978 in Brea California. We are an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider that specializes in printed circuit board design,manufacture & assembly. We provide solutuions for seamless migration of customer products with our full turnkey services.

  • Noted for unsurpassed quality, service and on time delivery, Fineline manufactures rigid & rigid/flex designs for today's most technical of designs.
  • Our excellent in-house engineering services are top notch. Be it a simple or a complex design, our knowledgeable team helps & supports our customers with the most technical of designs.
  • Our quality inspection is 100% with statistical process control, customer satisfaction is guaranteed whether for proto-type,
    pre-production, or production runs.



We invite you to browse our site to learn more about Fineline Circuits & Technology Inc. and the quality products & services we provide.