First established in 1978, the company has expanded to a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Brea, California.

In keeping with today's technological advances, Fineline manufactures designs which include close tolerance impedance control, high count multilayers with blind and buried vias, surface mount technology, PCMCIA, Boards with heat sinks and metal cores (Copper, Aluminum, Copper-Invar-Copper, etc.), polyimide and special material boards.

Noted for unsurpassed quality, service and on time delivery Fineline works with state of the art equipment and produces the finest printed circuit boards & flex circuits. With 100% quality inspection and statistical process control, customer satisfaction is guaranteed whether for proto-type, pre-production or production runs. Quick turn requirements of less than 5 days will be quoted on individual specifications. In most cases, 24 hour turnaround is available.

Excellent in-house engineering services your needs with state of the art technology. At Fineline serving you is not the main interest but our only interest. You shouldn't settle for anything less.


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