Fineline Circuits & Technology, Inc. is committed to:

  • The production of High quality products,
  • Continuous improvement in quality systems, process(s) and products
  • On-time delivery
  • Total customer satisfaction.


    Quality System meets the requirements of MIL-I-45208, AS9100 and is carried out by an experienced team. Commercial parts are built to meet the specifications of IPC-A-600 & IPC-6011/6012 (ANSI/IPC-RB-276), and Military boards are built in accordance with UL, IPC or customer specification.


    We are committed to the principles of TQM, Continuous Process Improvement and Continuous Quality Improvement. Additionally, all critical processes are controlled by Statistical Process Control.

    At Fineline Circuits & Technology, we are committed to satisfying each and every customer by continually improving our product quality, delivery performance and customer service.

    For us, quality is not a department, it is a philosophy that motivates entire organization, directed by clearly defined goals, supported by essential resources and ultimately measured by customer satisfaction.

    It is an ongoing process of developing and sustaining customer relationships by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling stated and implied needs. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with consistent quality that can be depended on.


    AS9100 certified Integrated IPQC (In Process Quality Control) and OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) systems IPC-A-600, IPC RB-276/ IPC-7721, EPC 6011, 6012 trained personnel NIST calibrated measurements

    QA Clauses

    The job is not done, unless it's done right!